Recent Roles

  •     U.S. National spot for Clearblue
  •     Animated Pilot Trailer for Ice Breaker Snow
  •     Phillips Sonicare U.S. National Spot
  •     Baby Dove U.S. National VO Spot

Latest News

2020-2021 has definitely been interesting…  Just before lockdown in March last year, Jennifer was able to record for an animated trailer for a really cute series and this is an edited version of all the voices/characters I voiced.  I’ve also been able to continue to work for the lovely guys at Philips too!


Jennifer is an English actress that lived in Canada for 8 years and has dual citizenship. There are many things that she likes to try her hand at (British Sign Language to Level 3, drumming, guitar, singing, knitting, writing, stand up comedy... even boxing for a bit!) but the one thing she loves the most is being in front of a mic, on stage and in front of camera. So, why not follow Jen using the social icons below?